The DC Bucket List

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If you’ve read our story, you’ll know that getting out of DC is a positive externality of our current journey.

But, while it’s just not really our scene for a variety of reasons, DC hasn’t been rotten to us either.  We have some fond memories and things we’ll miss … mostly food-related (surprising, I am sure).

Without further ado, I present our “DC bucket list”: things we want to do, see, and eat before DC is no longer our home.

We’ve got our work cut out for us.

Peace, love, and happiness –


Must Dos

  • Finish my painting of our dog, Pappy Van Winkle (not related whatsoever to DC, but really want to get it done before we go)
  • Bike ride to our favorite wine and cheese picnic spot – the steps overlooking the Potomac on the East side of the Lincoln Memorial – to watch the sun set (see photo at right)
  • A mid-week, afternoon movie date at E Street Cinema (independent films + beer/wine/bubbly + popcorn – impossible to go wrong)
  • Jazz in the National Sculpture Garden

Must Eats

Photography by Greg Powers via
Photography by Greg Powers via
  • Croquetas at Jaleo (see photo at right)
  • An evening of brews at Churchkey with the biggest beer afficianado I know (looking at you Chris K.!)
  • Breakfast at the Eastern Market counter in our neighborhood (“The Brick” breakfast sandwich with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and your choice of meat totally rocks)
  • Dinner out with our fabulous, long-time neighbors, Joe and David, at Monmarte
  • Brunch at the bar at Old Ebbitt (they have my favorite breakfast dish EVER, Eggs Long Island: basically an form of eggs Benedict with sauteed spinach, scrambled eggs, fried oysters, and Dijon hollandaise)
  • Il Canale in Georgetown for pizza (where native Napolis in-the-know go for pizza)
  • Evening cocktails and jazz in the fall next to the roaring fire at Tabard Inn, where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner
  • The area’s best Italian sub from A Litteri
  • Good Stuff Eatery burgers and fries (and of course all the mayo dipping sauces…heaven!)
  • Zucchini fritters at Cava
  • Sonoma to do a lazy, self-constructed three course dinner with wine pairings

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