Restaurant Review: Good Stuff Eatery, Washington, DC

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If you’re a DC denizen, odds are high that you’ve at least heard of this place, if not visited yourself.  Or, if you’re a fan of the show Top Chef on Bravo, you’ve at least heard of the owners (chef Spike Mendelsohn and his family).  If you don’t fall into either category, you just may get to know him soon – Good Stuff Eatery plans franchise around the country.

Despite Spike’s somewhat shaky record on the various cooking competitions he’s done, we can attest that he can at least do one thing well: burgers.  He (read: his staff) also makes a mean milkshake, decent fries, and calorie-bomb salads. Spike Collage

Now, I’m not here to argue about the merits of various burgers around town; suffice to say, it is a crowded field and heated debate. Good Stuff has our favorite, and judging by the frequent lines, a lot of folks share our feelings.

So what do we order?  Most recently, we both got Spike’s Sunnyside with cheese, bacon, and a fried egg on top (just enough breakfast and my personal favorite), though H often gets the Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown when he’s feeling particularly beastly.

Add a side of Spike’s Village Fries  with rosemary and thyme (mmm … herby goodness) and a little tub of each of the mayo dips (chipotle, Sriracha, mango, and Old Bay), and you’ve got the makings of enough delicious calories for an entire day.  Meh, totally worth it.

Oh, and don’t forget to order a beer to split while you’re waiting for your order to-go.  To-go???  Surely I should devour then and there?!

Nope … head home, where a couch awaits you immediately after you inhale your meal, and no one but your spouse will judge you for unbuttoning your pants.


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  1. Natasha
    | Reply

    Ah, Kail and I shared many a post-Goodstuff, pants-unbuttoning night — and not in a sexy way. I used to live on C street around the corner and I miss it! My go-to was always the Good Stuff Melt, fries and a toasted marshmallow shake.

    • courtneyderr
      | Reply

      Nothing sexy about it, but damn delicious! What I wouldn’t give for it now…

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