Restaurant Review: Ethiopic, Washington, DC

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While this wasn’t on our must-do list, we nonetheless ended up here having an alfresco dinner one not-entirely sweltering DC evening.  I’ve only eaten Ethiopian once, and H.J. never before, so we were pumped.

So, how was it?  In a word, tame.  Yes, Ethiopian…tame.  I was expecting different meats (goat at least, which I love) and extreme levels of heat.  Neither to be found.

Our dining companion ordered the vegetarian spread, while we ordered awaze tibs (spicy beef) and yebeg aletcha wot (lamb in a mild curry sauce).  The lamb was straight up bland and needed both salt and heat.  The beef, though delicious, lacked the fieriness promised.

It was decent, don’t get me wrong – just not a wow.  The evening’s highlight was seeing H.J. eat the spicy beef without breaking a sweat when months ago he would have been begging for water.  He is so ready for our SE Asian gustatory adventure.


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