Cảm ơn

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It’s been a week, let me tell you.  We launched this blog, wrapped up our jobs, said our goodbyes, packed up the house, and moved.

It’s been an emotionally and physically exhausting time, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t take some time to express our serious gratitude to everyone.  So, without further ado and in no particular order, cảm ơn  (Vietnamese for thank you):

  • To our friends, families, and all other followers of our adventure.  Your outpouring of support, love, and excitement for our adventure has so energized and inspired us.  We read every single comment, and they all make us smile.  We feel so lucky.  Thank you.
  • To our now former colleagues for such wonderful send-offs – lunches, happy hours, dinners, etc.  We’ve learned so much from you all professionally and personally, and it’s meant the world to us to have our ideas and talents valued by such smart and dedicated people.
  • To our amazing neighbors, Joe and David.  We wouldn’t want to share a wall with anyone but you.  Pumpkin carving, egg dying, Joe cheering on the Giants, Pappy’s failed racing career, mice-capades…it’s been a ride, and we will never find better next-door neighbors.  Thank you for always looking out for us and for making the neighborhood a true home.
  • To our dear friends, the Sheldons.  For organizing a beautiful going-away dinner in DC with all of our Charlottesville, VA crew; for all the meals cooked last weekend; for an incredible last supper at Le Diplomate in DC; for the expert help packing the moving truck perfectly; and for even picking up my dry cleaning…wow, everyone should have friends like you.  We have no idea how to even begin showing our thanks, but we are going to try damn hard.
  • To our parents.  Thank you for being our cheerleaders, for giving our puppy a home, for storing all our junk … everything.  This would have never been possible without you.

The list goes on – I’d spend days writing if I tried to get everyone we owe thanks to mentioned here.  Please know that every conversation we’ve had, every bit of advice – we remember and appreciate it all.

14 more days until departure!

Peace, love, and happiness –


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  1. natalie
    | Reply

    I love yall, but i’d never get your laundry. Maybe just drink all your booze 🙂

    • courtneyderr
      | Reply

      But you always bring a bottle – or two if you don’t actually drop the other one at the metro. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  2. Melanie
    | Reply

    Thanks for the shout-out! You all are quite welcome, and were the best neighbors anyone could have.
    The ‘hood is so not the same without you!
    Wishing you the happiest and safest of travels.

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