A Wanderrlust Valentine’s Day

All wedding photos by the amazing Greg Gibson, greggibson.com

Valentine’s Day has never been our thing at Wanderrlust.  The hoopla and pressure seem kind of silly, especially given the holiday’s violent origins.

The Vietnamese wholeheartedly disagree and happily embrace the romance and cheesiness of the modern day celebration. Pop-up chocolate stands started appearing all over Hanoi a few days ago, and last night there were roses and balloons for sale everywhere.  You can’t help but catch a little bit of their enthusiasm.

So how did we celebrate?  Aside from buying new motorcycles (a pair of these pretty babies), we posted our first article on the Huffington Post, drank way too much bia hơi (fresh draft beer), and had some doner kebabs.  We capped off the night with some bad Vietnamese red wine and a dance party in our hotel room.  Some choice selections from this year’s playlist:

  1. “Love Me Tender”, Norah Jones (our first dance song, awesomely covered by Judo Chop Rock on the big day)
  2. “Home”, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (our relationship in a nutshell)
  3. “All I Want Is You”, Barry Louis Polisar (possibly the sweetest song of all time)
  4. “Georgia on My Mind”, Ray Charles (a love song to a state I have never visited – this song makes inexplicably happy)
  5. “Something to Talk About” Bonnie Raitt (if I sang karaoke, this would be my jam)
  6. “For Once in My Life”, Stevie Wonder (I played this song on a loop when I first started dating H – I am blushing at this admission)
  7. “Fools Rush In”, UB40 (please tell me I’m not the only one who loves white dudes singing reggae)
  8. “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”, My Morning Jacket (maybe the best cover of this classic)
  9. “You’ve Got The Love”, Florence and The Machine (another song that reminds me of my hubby)
  10. “Don’t Stop Believin”, Journey (no explanation needed)

You can listen along here.  Now excuse me while I nurse my hangover and go in search of decent pizza in Hanoi.

Peace, lots of love, and happiness –


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