Announcing Wanderrlust 2.0

Lots of changes afoot in these parts – namely, we are moving on from the motorcycle portion of our journey.

From Saigon to Hanoi … from the mountains of Hà Giang, Vietnam, to the 4,000 islands of southern Laos … the bikes saw us all the way to the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia (click here to see our route).  It’s been a quite a ride: mostly good, with a helping of emotional, physical, and psychological challenges.

Our plan was to ride all the way through Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia – and perhaps even Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.  Alas, life rarely goes accordingly to plan.

Though the motorcycles have been epic, we sadly don’t have unlimited money or time for this journey, and traveling via bikes takes A LOT more time than planes or trains, and it is not as cheap as one might imagine.

We had a choice to make – continue on with the bikes and immerse ourselves in a handful of countries, or part with the bikes and gain the freedom to move between places much more quickly, enabling us to see more of the world.  Given that we’ve spent the past six months doing the former, we decided to keep things interesting and give the latter option a try, and we’re excited about the possibilities.

So, where does that leave us?  We’ll be spending a few weeks exploring Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore with my parents, then it’s off for some r&r on the beautiful beaches of the Philippines and Indonesia.

Afterward, it’s on to Sri Lanka and India if we can manage to get H a visa (I got approved for 10-year tourist visa before we left the States, while H puzzlingly got approved for only a six-month visa, which has since expired) before tackling the Himalayas in Nepal.  We’ve got some ideas of what comes after that, but we’re not telling just yet.

Don’t worry – there are still many stories about our motorcycle days left to tell, and you can bet we’ll back on bikes, albeit rentals, again on this journey.

In the meantime, we’ve got a bunch of new photos up on the the photography page, so check them out and stay tuned for more exciting changes.

Peace, love, and happiness –


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  1. lisa
    | Reply

    Just took a look at H’s pictures again–so fantastic! We are thinking of you two all the time and hope you’re having fun with Jeff and Mary. Enjoy the next stage of your adventure. xo Lisa

    • courtneyderr
      | Reply

      Thanks, Lisa! We are having a blast with the parents and ready for some tropical beach time tomorrow. Saw your pics from Necker Island – jealous! I imagine you can’t have a bad time hanging in paradise with Richard Branson. 🙂 Love you guys.

  2. lisa
    | Reply

    The entire trip to Necker was surreal and fantastic! I would now like a private island of my very own. Give hugs to your parents and that cute hubbie of yours. Love to you all.

    • courtneyderr
      | Reply

      Call us as soon as you find it, and we’re on our way! 🙂

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