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Hi fellow adventurers!  Remember us, H.J. and Courtney, long lost travelers of Wanderrlust?

Sorry for the radio silence on the blog – I promise we are still alive and have survived the current “security situation” in Thailand (which, for the record, is very safe for travelers right now despite the U.S. State Department’s dire warnings).  May has been an absolutely nutty month for us – trying to sell our motorcycles in Cambodia while actually being in Thailand (one down, one to go); touring with my parents around Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore; and trying to figure out our itinerary once the parents leave in June.

Given the shift in our plans, we’ve also decided now is as good a time as any to spruce up the look and standard content of our website to better reflect said plans as well as past travels.  Yay!

You’ll gradually see some changes around here, which we hope you’ll like.  First up, a brand-new FAQ section coming very soon, complete with informational/business questions as well as some fun stuff.

So I don’t leave you hanging in the meantime, here’s a taste of what’s to come on the FAQ page:

What is your single best piece of travel advice?

  • Courtney: “Make your own rules.  You will meet many a person who will tell you: “You can’t go to Paris without seeing the Lourve!” (answer: we have), or “Who eats pizza in Vietnam?” (answer: we do! And in Cambodia and Thailand too). Honestly, screw those people.  We all travel for different reasons, and what we want out of our travel experiences can vary from trip to trip and destination to destination.  I say spend your hard-earned money doing what makes you happy, whether that means eating bug intestines on a stool at a questionable food stall in the sweltering heat of SE Asia or parking it on a Carnival cruise for a week – live your own dream.”
  • H.J.: “Know yourself, and travel accordingly.  We thought we were bonafide adventurers … and then we met a Frenchman around our age named Baptiste in rural Vietnam.  Before long, we were swapping travel stories, excitedly telling Baptiste about a great, cheap hotel we found, when he informed us that $10/night is well above his budget (for the record, that’s damn cheap, even in this part of the world).  You see, Baptiste is a true pioneer – he shows up in town and knocks on the doors of homes, restaurants, shops, you name it, in search of a so-cheap-it-might-as-well-be-free place to sleep.  No matter that there is no toilet.  No matter that there is no running water, or even a bed.  If it’s $1 or less, he’s in.  So, if you thought you were having a “local” experience by bunking at a “homestay”, think again.  It’s ok, though – you’re in good company (us). Our lives would have been so much easier and our travel experience much better if we were more honest with ourselves about our own limitations and expectations.  Lesson?  If having a nice glass of wine matters to you, don’t take a trip to northern Vietnam for four weeks … OR, pack accordingly.”

We’re excited to share more changes with you in the coming weeks.  Wishing all of our friends in the Northern Hemisphere a happy start to summer!

Peace, love, and happiness,


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