Updated June 2014

Unlike the NSA, Wanderrlust respects your right to privacy, even if you are a troll.  Your use of this site constitutes consent to the privacy policy herein.

We only collect personal information that you give us and do not share or sell said information with anyone (knowingly or willingly).

In order to avoid spam, our web platform requires an email address if you wish to leave a comment.  It also requires a name, but how you choose to identify yourself is up to you.  Your email will never appear in conjunction with your comments or anywhere else on our website.  Though we often link to sites we love, we cannot promise the same of them and encourage you to read their privacy policies.

Our web host, advertisers, and affiliates may collect non-personal information including but not limited to: your IP address, service provider, browser type, and OS as well as information about your activity on Wanderrlust.com, including but not limited to pages you visit on our site, the duration of your visit, and the referring website, if applicable.  Such information may be used by our advertisers to deliver ads that are tailored to your activity and preferences on Wanderrlust.com.

Some websites will use cookies to collect this type of information from your browser.  Wanderrlust does not, but advertisers or affiliates may do so and are governed by their respective privacy policies.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us info@wanderrlust.com.